Another Look at Borers & Suckers

The weather is warm but beware because pests don’t take vacation.  Here in the final weeks of summer it’s a great time to take another look around your property for sucking and boring insects.

Spring’s flush of new growth attracts sucking insects like aphids, psyllids and scale.  If you treated for those earlier in the year you may be starting to see them creep back into your trees.  Additionally, in a temperate climate like ours, boring insects are present and active all year long.  If you really want to protect your trees from pests, don’t stop looking for the following signs and contact your arborist right away if you see any of them.

Sucking Insects

  • Insects clustered on stems, especially new growth
  • Yellowing, wilting or distorted leaves
  • Dimpling or pockmarks on leaves
  • Defoliation
  • Honeydew or sooty mold fungus on leaves

Boring Insects

  • Entry / Exit holes in bark
  • Powdery substance filling holes
  • Liquid oozing from holes
  • Staining of surface of tree