Plant It Forward

March 2017 marked the successful end of our campaign to plant 5,000 trees.  In partnership with our clients and the National Forest Foundation, Four Seasons Tree Care pledged a part of every job we performed from April 2016 to March 2017 towards the planting of trees. We called the campaign Plant it Forward.

Four Seasons Tree Care has always given back to the community through donations of time and funds to a variety of non-profit and charitable groups, but we wanted to do something that would connect on a profound level with our clients and within our area of expertise. Most Californians are aware of the incredible number of trees that have been lost to drought, bark beetle and wildfire in recent years. The National Forest Foundation’s Trees for US program, which matches corporate donors with replanting efforts in national forests, seemed like the perfect fit for us.

Nearly two million acres of National Forest are in urgent need of reforestation as the result of fire, pests, or disease. The U.S. Forest Service isn’t required to replant trees in areas affected by natural disasters and doesn’t receive funding to do so. Instead, it partners with companies and private citizens to raise the necessary money to restore these areas.

In spring of 2017, the National Forest Foundation planted 5,000 trees in our name in an area of Oregon’s Ochoco National Forest that had been decimated by wildfire.

Ochoco National Forest in Central Oregon