The Webinar Has Arrived!

It’s a familiar problem. Your vendor wants to set up a lunch and learn for your team, but the calendar is already packed with lunch meetings. You finally choose a day but when it arrives a bunch of the people who RSVP’d aren’t there. In the end, only part of the office is present to receive the information, the conference table is covered in leftover sandwiches, and your vendor leaves knowing he only met with half the people he had hoped to see. There has to be a more efficient way to do this.

Email screenshotWe reached out to a few of our clients to find it. We wanted to know whether they enjoy these kinds of seminars. Are they helpful? What typically prevents them from attending?

We discovered that while the information is useful and they enjoy the time with their service providers, the main obstacle is time. One client told us, “If you could make it so I can sit at my deskwhen I have a few spare minutes and access the information as a webinar, that would be ideal for me.”

So that’s what we did.

Welcome to the (Virtual) Classroom

Webinar 3We decided to test the feasibility of the idea by converting one of our most popular lunch and learn presentations into a webinar, hosting it on our website, and then asking our clients for feedback. If the launch is successful we’ll produce a series of webinars on a variety of tree topics that are relevant to our clients, whether they be property managers or homeowners.

This first webinar is a little over 16 minutes long and focuses on identifying common decay-related tree hazards on your property. We would love to hear your ideas for future webinar topics. Submit them in the comments section below the player on our website, or email them directly to our Director of Marketing, Katie Blizzard:

We hope that the webinar feature will allow us to bring you the education you want in the most convenient and streamlined format possible.

Here’s How it Works

From our website, go to the Webinars tab and register for access. You will automatically be sent a password which you may then use to watch all the webinars we produce. You are invited to leave comments or questions in the fields below the player and we will respond as quickly as possible. We welcome your feedback and your suggestions for future webinar topics. Enjoy!

Click here for the Webinar.