Fight Fungus with Tree Growth Regulators

We’ve written previously about the multiple benefits of tree growth regulators or TGRs (read: Why Try a Growth Regulator). During this year’s rainy season we want to highlight one incredible ability in particular: fighting fungal infections!


Fungi are serious business for trees especially in the wetter months when conditions allow spores to spread more easily between trees. Entering through wounds like those inflicted by lawnmowers and weedwackers, fungal infections can cause such extensive decay that large branches or entire trees may because unstable and fail. Because the only exterior sign of this internal decay is the mushrooms (“fruiting bodies”) on the trunk or roots of the tree, there is no way to predict the amount of damage inside. Additionally, since fungal infections usually can’t be cured the only hope for infected trees is diligent management.

Happily, TGRs now offer a powerful weapon in the anti-fungal arsenal.

How Tree Growth Regulators Fight Fungus

TGR benefits for trees infected with fungus are twofold:

  1. One of the active ingredients in TGRs has fungicidal properties in trees.
  2. Because TGRs retard shoot elongation and reduce leaf growth, a treated tree has more “energy” to allocate to fighting pests like bacteria and fungi.

Grow Slow, Grow Strong

If you haven’t tried TGRs yet on your property’s trees, this is a great time to give them a shot. Fungus-resistance in the winter, drought-resistance in the summer, year round pest-resistance, and reduced trimming and removal needs: what more could be asked from a single treatment?!

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