Prevent Wildfires Before They Start

Californians have always had to contend with wildfires, but those of 2018 were the most destructive and deadliest on record.  A total of 1,893,913 acres burned throughout California causing billions of dollars in damage and fire suppression costs. Every year we ask you to prepare your property for wildfire season; as wildfires grow in intensity this precaution is now more important than ever.  Protecting your property from wildfire will not only benefit your owner and your company, but also your community and our entire city.

This is the perfect time to talk to your tree care company about fire abatement services.  Dry brush and dead trees are literal fuel for the fire after the summer heat has dried out neglected landscaped areas.  These areas may not be foremost in your mind because they aren’t visible to tenants and residents, but be forewarned that slopes and areas along fence lines are exactly the places the fire marshal will explore when he’s ready to issue fines.  A final consideration is that these spots also often make attractive camping areas for vagrants.

When looking at your budget consider, what other service has all these benefits:

  • Protects against catastrophic property loss and possible death
  • Prevents fines
  • Improves safety and prevents unwanted encampments

Don’t wait to act on this important issue!